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The Ecobarvy trademark can be compared to an experienced person who develops himself in different directions, gains experience, and each time understands the needs of other people better and better. And all because previously the Ecobarvy company was engaged in the supply of liquid wallpaper from other manufacturers. The brand gained experience from manufacturers and suppliers, analyzed what customers needed and were interested in. Years passed like this, but one day the day of judgment came, and Ecobarvy created their own brand and began producing liquid wallpaper, rather than reselling it. Today, Ecobarvy has more than 250 types of liquid wallpaper and is not going to stop there.

The Ecobarvy company has long and persistently selected material components in order to achieve the quality and durability of liquid wallpaper. As a result, the adhesive composition and decorative elements are supplied from Turkey, and the main component is cellulose from Germany.

The phrase “just add water” can be safely attributed to the characteristics of liquid wallpaper TM “Ecobarvy”, because they do not need to be soaked for several hours, you just need to add water, following the instructions, wait 10 minutes and the solution will be ready for use.

Liquid wallpaper "Ecobarvy" is made from natural ingredients : wool, cellulose, cotton, natural adhesive, natural mica. As you can see, all components are environmentally friendly and do not cause allergies. When you apply liquid wallpaper TM “Ecobarvy”, you give the walls the opportunity to “breathe”, this effect appears due to the fibers that allow air to pass through them.

If you are picky about color and shades, then Ecobarvy liquid wallpaper is what you were looking for, but couldn’t find. Each wallpaper color has several more shades available, so if you decide to make a renovation, for example, in blue tones, don’t worry, you won’t have to limit yourself to just one shade.

Also, liquid wallpaper "Ecobarvy" is easy to restore . The “just add water” principle works here too. The damaged area must be wetted, rubbed, and allowed to dry. By the way, manufacturers take into account the amount of material that can be used to repair damaged areas.

Renovating is always a difficult decision. If you want to carry out repairs easily, calmly and using only natural ingredients, Ecobarvy liquid wallpaper will become a lifesaver in this matter.

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